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K9002ASSP - 1965-1977 Porsche 911 / 912 frt brake caliper rebuild kit M Calipers SS pistons

by ABS
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Caliper rebuild kit for 1965-1978 Porsche 911 Front using cast iron M calipers (with solid or vented rotors).   This kit includes new stainless steel OEM type pistons that accept the anti-knockback mechanism found in original calipers. Many of the M calipers originally used pistons with an integrated anti-knockback mechanism and a pin in each bore to engage this mechanism.   Many new OE replacement calipers omitted this mechanism and used the later updated cup style pistons.  If the calipers have been rebuilt before, sometimes the pins have been removed to accomodate the later cup style pistons.   This kit will work on all calipers that have a pin in the bore, but the mechanism is NOT included and will need to be transferred to the new pistons.


4 boots

4 seals

4 boot retainer rings

8 crossover seals

2 bleeders

2 bleeder caps

4 pistons

1 bottle of assembly lube

Each kit services 2 calipers.   Only 1 kit required per car.  


OEM: 90135196411  

Centric 143.90002

Ate: 250102

FTE: RKS4806

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