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Free standard U.S. shipping on orders over $80.
Free standard U.S. shipping on orders over $80.

Core Return Guidelines

We will not ship your caliper order until you have either paid the core deposit or until we have received your cores.   If you would rather we ship immediately, the core deposit can be added down at the bottom of the page under the "add to cart" button.  

If you would rather not pay the core deposit, then you can send your cores in and once they are received and inspected, your order will be shipped.   You will receive an email with core return instructions along with your order confirmation


In Order to receive FULL CORE CREDIT:

- Cores must be complete and in rebuildable condition

- Cores must be returned within 60 days of purchase


Factors that will result in partial or no core credit

- Excessive rust/corrosion

- Missing critical components (caliper body hardware, pistons, etc).  Cores must be returned in the level of completeness as your replacement calipers arrived in.

- Damaged inlet / bleeder threads, broken bleeders / fasteners

     -  We can extract most broken bleeder screws...if someone has not  attempted  (and failed) to extract the broken bleeder screw first.   Broken bleeder screw / bolt extraction / thread repair carries a $35 charge per hole, which will be deducted from your core refund. 

- We will give partial credit, rather than no credit, whenever we is very rare that NOTHING on the caliper is of value, regardless of the level of damage.   

Core return shipping tips:

If you don't have an account with UPS or Fedex, we recommend using USPS.   Most caliper pairs will fit in a USPS medium flat rate box, which (as of 1/2/2023) ships for under $18 in the US.

Make sure you use lots of packing material and lots of tape.  Make sure you can shake the box and nothing moves inside the box, then cover the entire box in tape.  This will give your cores the best chance of a safe journey back to our facility so that we can give you a full core refund.  

If your cores are poor condition or you have any questions regarding the core return/credit process, please give us a call at 562-512-4966


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